Always Knew was inspired by the movie Coraline. The movie revolves around themes that warn to be careful what you wish for and tell of a story where everything is not what it seems. I incorporated these themes into the lyrics as well as reinforced motifs and plot points from the film such as the spider's web and falling down the "rabbit hole". The production was done by Boris Sevastyanov who was inspired by Brund Coulais' original score for the film. The song was released around Halloween and intended to excite listeners for fall's "spooky season". 

I wrote this song about the entertainment industry. I’ve been acting professionally for 7 years and I moved to LA almost 3 years ago to pursue it in the big leagues. It’s definitely not easy and I’ve observed a lot of different behaviors and traits of the industry that I tried to encapsulate in this song. I've watched a lot of people become desperate and depressed from how disheartening the entertainment world is and I've also seen a lot of people talk themselves up and never actually take any actions to progress. I've felt a lot of this first hand as well. I tried to depict my observations in a non-judgemental, pensive way through these lyrics. For the production we went for a Bond theme vibe to act as a down tempo foil to Save Me. It was one of my favorite songs to make because I collaborated with so many different artists on it. The song features a violin solo performed by Nick Montopoli, guitar by Branson Freed, production by Martin Della Nina, Branson Freed, and myself, and mixing and mastering by Federico Giordano. 

This is an introspective song about social media. The first verse is about my regular life and the insecurities that I feel day to day. The second verse is about the perfect image that I project on social media and me grappling with the feeling that I'm lying to everyone around me. It's about being aware of that falseness while continuing to participate in the culture because of the addictive qualities of gaining popularity online and seeing numbers go up. It's also a commentary on how attention has become the biggest form of capital in today's society, especially among younger people, and how damaging it can be to our psyche.

I was with some friends and we started talking about interactions we had had in the entertainment industry with people in powerful positions. We realized we all had stories where we thought someone was interested in our art or in collaborating with us and it turned out that they just wanted to date us or get in our pants. We also all had stories of sexual harassment and inappropriate workplace behavior. I was pretty shocked to realize how common these experiences are so I wrote the song about it. The song describes the anxiety and confusion that comes with being in these situations in the moment and the sentiment that a lot of the people perpetrating these behaviors are so far in that I wouldn't even know how to help them change. Think Harvey Weinstein type people but on a smaller scale. The production was heavily inspired by the James Bond Spectre and Skyfall soundtracks because I liked the idea of cloaking a heavy topic in a classic, cinematic action film influence with some 2000s rock vibes. I generally don't like themes to be too overt.

This song is about the Covid pandemic and quarantining with my boyfriend. It was a really rough time and it was my way of telling my boyfriend "thank you for helping me through this" but also a way of falsely reaffirming to myself that I was okay and didn't need all of the things I was missing because I had him. Specific lines in the song correlate to different experiences of the time. For example, "the smokey sunset" was the fires in California that turned everything hazy. "Cover our lips now" refers to wearing masks. "High resolution eyes" refers to my boyfriend's glasses magnifying his eyes but is also a play on words because he is a computer programmer. The song ends as he returns to work and I'm alone again, represented by a single cello and violin in the production. As the whole pandemic experience starts returning to normal, it's a reflection on the good things that had come from it and actually kind of missing having constant company.