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About Me


I've always been a musician in one way or another. As a kid I was a huge band and musical theatre nerd. I played the clarinet and took voice lessons for a really long time. When I was 18 I booked my first professional musical theatre show.


More recently, I started writing my own songs and then my friend gave me his old production software and introduced me to the world of music production. I've found that it's something I'm really passionate about and I've been making my own music and collaborating with other artists ever since. 

I have many influences. As a teenager I was really into Paramore, Green Day, and other 2000s rock bands. I like to call that my Hot Topic chipmunk phase because I was an angsty yet incredibly chipper 13-year-old. My band nerd phase made me really interested in orchestral sounds, specifically strings, and I've always loved listening to film scores and finding a narrative within a song's production. This drove me to create an orchestral/rock vibe within the commercial pop space. My current influences include Billie Eilish, Banks, Lorde, and Skott and my vocal style has often been compared to Evanescence.